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Rhode Island Weddings

Rhode Island is one of the top destinations for weddings.  Couples travel from all over the world to hold a Rhode Island wedding, and the Ocean State has venues for every style and budget. Over the years, we’ve had some of the most notable weddings, from John Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier married at St. Mary’s church in Newport in 1953, to just last year, when Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney tied the knot at Belcourt of Newport. The wedding industry in Rhode Island is one of the strongest segments of our economy, and generates over $200 million dollars annually for businesses in the state.  And because it’s such an important industry to the area, the supporting businesses are experienced and reputable.  We have some of the finest wedding vendors in the country.  We’re putting together a comprehensive list of all the wedding vendors in Rhode Island along with a link to their individual site and contact information. Chose a wedding professional by clicking on the category below.

Rhode Island Wedding Vendors

Wedding Venues

A wedding venue is so much more than just a location to hold a wedding.  It will be the backdrop for a lifetime of memories.  Choose from dozens of Rhode Island area wedding venues, everything from simple, classic to ultimate luxury, Rhode Island wedding venues offer the ultimate in choices.

Wedding Planners

A Rhode Island wedding planner can help organize everything and can be a godsend as you approach your wedding day.  They can recommending vendors, and can keep everything on track and on budget, all while giving great advice and helping with any difficult decisions that arise.  

Bridal Salons

Possibly the most fun you’ll have shopping, a bridal salon is a refuge from the hectic days of shopping and planning.  A Bridal salon will have a variety of options to choose from, and will make sure the ordering and alterations and delivery are all on schedule with no surprises.

DJ's & Entertainment

Entertainment is one of the most important parts of your wedding day, and whether you want a DJ, live entertainment or something different, our directory has them all.  Find someone who will entertain your guest and keep them dancing, laughing, or singing along!


Professional wedding photography is a necessity for nearly every wedding.  The photographer will document your day with highlights and ceremony photos, highlights and candid shots too.  Find one with a style (there are so many different types!) and attitude you like!


Wedding videography can capture the sights, sound and emotion of your big day.  Everything from a single camera with straight recording, to an artistic film that combines the clips from multiple cameras and angles, a wedding video is a great way to remember your day. 

Hair and Makeup

Professional wedding hair stylists and makeup artists will make sure you look stunning for your big day.  These pros are used to working under pressure. And with all of your friends and family there, not to mention photographers and videographers, they’ll make sure you stay looking your best!


Choosing the right wedding jewelry is one of the most important things you’ll do.  From necklaces, wedding bands, earrings, bracelets and more. Let a professional Rhode Island Jeweler help you choose the right pieces to perfectly match your style and your fashion choices.

Wedding Cakes

The cake cutting has always been an important (and fun!) part of most wedding receptions. When you’re looking for a Wedding Cake in Rhode Island, you’ll find a full list of professional bakers in our directory.  Choose one that has the perfect wedding cake for you.


Choosing the right caterer for your wedding is an important decision. Preparing and serving the food and beverages for your special guests will be in their hands, and you’ll want a company who will provide you with plenty of menu options,  and also allow for any special dietary needs.


Wedding transportation professionals have the proper licensing and experience to make sure you and your guests have a relaxing day without having to worry about how everyone’s getting around. They’ll ensure you get to the ceremony, reception, photo location and wherever you need to go.


Invitations are an integral part of your wedding.  It signifies the official notice of the significance of the  chosen day. Often kept for a lifetime by friends and family as a keepsake and reminder. Chose a local stationary company with a style and design that matches your  wedding decor.

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