Regional races for the Rhode Island Grand Prix, will be held throughout Rhode Island in 2019.  There will be six regions that will host these events.  These events will be fundraisers to raise money for college scholarships for local teens, through Teenage Driving Safety, a Rhode Island Non-Profit organization.

Northern Rhode Island Grand Prix”.  It’s a pinewood style event.  In our Constructors Series, each participant is given a box with a small block of wood, four nails and four plastic wheels.  Kits will be given our about a month before the race and can spend as much time as they want building their car.   There will be finished cars that are built by local teenagers, that will be available to purchase through our charity auction, and will race in the Directors Series.

There will be four groups.  Juniors (up to 12), Teens (13-19), Adults (20 plus) and companies.

There will be awards for fastest in each division, fastest in each town, and many other categories.  There will be food and entertainment, and other games.  It’s all good clean family fun, and a little friendly competition.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from this event will go to the scholarship.