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 Business Marketing Research, Analysis and Strategy 


Advising the Most Successful Businesses for Over Twenty Years.

Or team has been consulting and advising businesses for over 20 years.  Companies looking to improve turn to DataScience Research for the facts about what’s happening in their industry and their local market. We specialize in competitive intelligence, and analyze your competitors strengths and weaknesses. We know what market share is available to take from them, and how.


 We have the tools and experience to find the exact data for your business and perform opposition research on competitors in your market.


We analyze the data to find what’s important and the current implications and future potential of your business.


We form a blueprint for success that’s constantly evolving as new information becomes available.

Making an Impact Across All Industries

No matter what vertical industry you’re in, the old school “gut instinct” decision making doesn’t cut it.  In an ever changing marketplace, if you’re not leading, you’re falling behind.

The Moneyball Approach to Business Decisions.

For years, marketing decisions were made based on experience, intuition and relationships with local media.   But the ability to make decisions using big data (made popular by the movie “Moneyball”), changed everything.  We can see in real time who’s taking your market share, and how. We’re in a unique position to win the battle for each customer and the war against your competition.  Understanding how your customers approach the decision making process for your product or service dictates the proper, and most effective marketing plan.

Specializing in the Automotive Industry

The Auto Industry on a local dealership level is a study in contrasts.  While branding is important, dealers don’t manufacture the vehicles they sell, but are instead  act as a local retailer.  In most cases they have one or more competing seller(s) of the identical product within a short drive.  The natural tendency is to enter the no-win battle of price competition.  But while competitive pricing is an integral part of a winning marketing plan, you need to increase sales without  taking those low-profit, bottom-funnel sales that everyone is going after.  Our strategies will bring you increased market share, increased profit, increased service business and increased customer loyalty month after month.

Words from our clients.

“The research and strategy I get from the team at Insight is an integral part of what keeps me the number one CDJR dealer in my market.  I can’t imagine planning my future without them.


Jay L’archevesque, Dealer at Elmwood CDJR

“The Insight data and analysis is second to none.  Their understanding of the auto industry and the intricacies of dealer marketing has allowed me to continually grow into one of the largest dealer groups in Connecticut”

Robert Alvine, President of the Premier Auto Group

Do Your Homework

Our proven strategies rely heavily on the science of economic decision making.  Understanding the thought process of your prospective customers is critical our planning and strategy.  For anyone who wants to get ahead here’s some great recommended reading:

  • Predictibly Irrational by Dan Ariely
  • Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Khanemin
  • Game Theory at Work
  • The Neuroscience of Decision Making
  • Your Brain on Branding

Want to Join Our Team? 

As our research department grows, we need the right individuals to add to the team.  We’re a very different place to work.  There are no sales goals, no cold calls.  We work only with referrals and invited businesses who we hand pick. They are some of the best businesses in the country, and striving to be even better.  We are looking for talented individuals with experience in data analysis and research.  We work in a fast paced, analytical and rewarding culture, where a thorough understanding of the industries we serve is imperative.  We don’t have “account executives” and we don’t have a sales team you have to answer to, because we don’t have a sales team at all.  If you’re at the top of your game, and have the experience and understanding of the complex nature of economic research and marketing analysis, drop us a note using the form below.

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