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About Discover Rhode Island:

Discover Rhode Island showcases some of the best that Rhode Island has to offer.  Our website is meant to be a resource for people who are looking for businesses, recreation and entertainment throughout the 39 cities and towns of Rhode Island. In addition, we have sections dedicated to specific industries throughout Rhode Island.  From Accountants to Weddings, we’ve got Rhode Island industries covered.

We also host a television show that airs locally on ABC.  We’ve produced 19 premier episodes and have interviewed 143 businesses so far, all who have gotten tremendous exposure from being featured on our premiers, and also on our youtube channel which has over one hundred thousand views to date.

Most of the half hour shows center around a particular city or town, where we talk about its history, special places, and what makes it a great place to live, work, or visit.  We also highlight some of the best businesses in that city or town, who have been recommended for inclusion in the show. In these “Business Profile” segments, the owners talk about their business and what makes them special. Whether it’s their history, their products, services or employees, every business has a story to tell, and Discover Rhode Island captures those stories in an interesting and educational segment.  These business segments are also uploaded to YouTube separately, and often will rank highly when searching for a Rhode Island business.

Discover Rhode Island is produced by Iris Filmworks in partnership with Synergy Media, one of Rhode Island’s largest advertising agencies.

And the value of the segments is even more evident in what it does for your business’s SEO.  Custom, original content is king when it comes to search engine optimization, and an original video, with sight, sound and motion is proven to add exponential value when added to your website or YouTube channel.

About Larry Rondeau, Executive Producer

Larry has earned an excellent reputation as a marketing strategist, project planner and business writer.  He has a specialized degree in Marketing Psychology from the State University of New York.  While marketers consider a 3 to 1 return on investment (ROI) to be good, three marketing programs he conceptualized achieved ROI in excess of 16.5 to 1. When one university was trying to bring in 30 additional undergraduate tuition deposits, a direct marketing campaign he crafted generated 144.

Larry worked for 28 years at The Allied Group, where he won 4 national awards.  While serving as Senior Director of Research and Business Development, Larry established Allied’s Higher Education Marketing program.  A customized marketing publication he created helped the University of Hartford set an institution record for undergraduate deposits and won a national award.  While most colleges consider a good yield (tuition deposit) rate to range from 25-28%, Larry’s Yield Website, based on social psychology research, helped one university achieve yield rates as high as 44.8%.

Larry received mentoring in an in-depth study of the psychology of influence and communication from world renowned expert Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of the classic marketing bestseller Influence: Science and Practice (Fortune’s 75 Smartest Books, The 100 Best Business Books of All Time).  Dr. Cialdini is best known for helping Barack Obama twice get elected President.  His messaging tactics helped increase sales of the Bose Wave Radio by 45%.  Dr. Cialdini wrote:

“I have been impressed in our previous correspondence with the depth of insight Larry Rondeau demonstrated in the arena of persuasion/social influence.”

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